Reminiscing About the Movie Big and How It Related to Jobs in the Toy Industry

In the movie Big, the character played by Tom Hanks has a dream job: getting paid to test toys. Of course, since the character of Josh Baskin is really only 12 years old, it’s especially believable how excited he is to have a job that focuses so much on play. In real life, people who want this type of career may register with a toy recruiter, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.

Suspension of Disbelief

Of course, audiences had to do a lot of disbelief suspension to accept the idea that this guy would actually get hired with no qualifications, experience or education that were checked by the employer. It was all made up, but the kid made it work. The movie was all in fun, in any case, and everyone knew it.

Vetting Candidates in Real Life

In contrast, when a person wants to apply for toy jobs in the areas of testing, marketing or any other professional position, the companies want to be rigorous in vetting this individual. They can turn over this part of the process to a recruiting firm that focuses on organizations that develop, manufacture, market and sell these products.

Designers, Engineers and Other Professionals

Companies won’t pay someone to play with toys for eight hours a day, but there is fun and intrinsic reward for designers, engineers and other people who develop and test these products. They do get to play with some of the toys while figuring out whether the items do what they are supposed to and function as expected.

In Conclusion

Later, the movie became even more unbelievable as the boy took on the responsibilities of a corporate vice president. It was only fitting that he would finally be able to return to his true age and experience the years he would have otherwise missed with that kind of an age jump. Josh Baskin didn’t need a recruiting firm to launch his career, but in real life, these agencies can make a big difference for candidates looking for work in competitive fields. Anyone interested in registering with a specialized agency may contact one like ToyJobs.

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